About us

Hamosad #1657 is an FRC team from Mevo’ot-Eron High School, Ein Shemer, Israel. The team was founded in 2005 – almost two decades of science, technology and engineering! 

In order to achieve high-level, professional work, we are divided into subteams of different expertise: programming-electronics, mechanics, and CAD. Each subteam is led by a more experienced team member, who manages the subteam throughout the year and passes on knowledge.  We also have two team captains, who lead the whole team- with the help of our teacher and mentor, Eyal Hershko.

As well as the technical subteams, each team member is also part of a M.A.C.S subteam: media, awards, community and sponsors.


Ein Shemer, Israel | Contact: Eyal Hershko our mentor – +972 504650674 | Be the FIRST to Make The Change | 2023